Sunday, May 27, 2012

Documents from 2012

Is this really the next step of living my life,I expose myself to unknowns.This step taken with great trepidation believing dyslexia runs around my head like HepC virus runs and dances on my liver.I have fibrosis stage 3 with cirrhosis of the liver, going blind with macular degeneration at too young of age.  My living will organs go for teaching and this whole body has issues for Medical school.I think all my Doctors would agree with me.This is a pivotal time in life with Bank of America battle probably the last and this Irishwoman does love a good go around.  I have done due diligence and caught Bank of America deep in fraud.I don't think they care and refuse to answer questions that I am going to  tell you all about.
I keep diaries  with interesting wild fun travels in my lifetime to how I caught Bank of America Blank/Rome Law firm sending fabricated mortgage note with subtle threat, which nearly made me come!  Silk Abstract never doing the job.  NO mortgage ever made it out of my house.  How can I not remember re-finance that I never signed or dated well  interferon & ribravin treatment for HepC made me very ill 2006 to end of 2007.
Now I am very ill with liver disease and that feels scary at times, more on I observe it as the body changing,fingers racked with pain,my diary tells me in 2010 that I bitched of pain with my thumbs.Liver disease effects parts far away from the liver.  I live much different than you.  Goodnight. 5/27/12